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Dr. Clive E. Neil

Senior Pastor

Reverend Dr. Clive E. Neil, the son of Othneil and Lillian Neil, was born in Jamaica, West Indies. His love of education and hard work caused him to excel in High School which earned him the opportunity to attend Eastern University in St. David, P.A. Graduating with honors, Dr. Neil was awarded a Princeton University Fellowship, and later graduated with a Masters in Divinity. In 1991, Dr. Neil received his doctorate in Counseling from Drew University in Madison, N. J. The subject of his dissertation was "developing healthy interpersonal relationships."

During his college years, Dr. Neil was called from the world of Science into the ministry of the Gospel. In 1985, he became an ordained, Presbyterian minister and began his pastorship at Tremont Presbyterian Church, Bronx, N.Y. He served there faithfully from 1985 - 1988. In 1988, God joined together the ministry of the congregation of Bedford-Central Presbyterian church and the ministering gifts of Dr. Neil to create a dynamic, Christ-centered, Bible-believing, people-building, community-reaching church.

Over the past 25 years, Pastor Neil's ministry has been based on Ephesians 4:12, which instructs him to "equip God's people to do God's work, to build up the church and the body, so that we may become unified and grow in the knowledge of God." In taking this mandate seriously, Pastor Neil has led and inspired the congregation to create, develop, and institute a Day Care Center, a Community Development Corporation, a Church Library, a Bible Institute, and a Christian Counseling Ministry. Under Dr. Neil's leadership, the homeless have been fed, a food pantry has been implemented, small Bible study groups have been created; a second worship service has been added; adults have received literacy training, the Church's Adult choir has recorded a CD; thirteen Lay Pastors have been trained; Liturgical Dance ministries have flourished; an AIDS ministry is present; the preaching of the gospel, prayer, and the study of the Word of God continues to be the major focus of Dr. Neil's and the church's ministry.

An accomplished author, Dr. Neil has written three books: "Dancing with Danger - Turning Obstacles into Opportunities", "Breaking Through", and "Unleashing the Truth". As a licensed psychotherapist, he has taught and lectured at many of NYC's premier colleges.

Dr. Neil is a former Professor of Psychology at the Metropolitan College of New York and New York Theological at Auburn Theological Seminaries; he continues to lecture and preach in various academic settings around the country. He is active in the Dallas Texas based Ministry Leadership Network which seeks to equip leaders with relevant innovative skills for ministry.

Dr. Neil has traveled extensively throughout the world. Since 1986, his travels have taken him to the Caribbean, South America, Africa, Europe, Haiti, Cuba, and the Orient. Dr. Neil has been the keynote speaker in both the Ethiopia and Ghana World Alliance Conference and in 2007 ministered on a World Vision mission trip to Rwanda. Since then, he has become an ambassador for the mission registering more than 400 sponsors for orphans living in Rwanda. In 2008, Dr. Neil had the privilege to study at Oxford University in England as a Georgetown Scholar. He is currently enrolled as one of the Leadership Network scholars and is on the advisory board for the New York Leadership.

Dr. Neil is the proud father of two grown children, Aisha and Darius.

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